Audio/video buttons shown on MacOS 11.7.10 despite CallKit support only in 13.0+ (#588)
Unknown opened 9 months ago

Describe the bug According to below page, CallKit support is available since MacOS 13. When using Siskin IM on a MacBook M1 with MacOS 11 (Siskin IM normally installed from AppStore), the audio/video buttons are shown despite the functionality won't work. Using them results in different behavior depending on the contact's client.

To Reproduce Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Within Siskin IM on Mac, initiate a video call with a contact supporting that.
  2. When the contact uses Siskin IM also, a message that the call failed is shown. For Dino, it's forever connecting.

Expected behavior The audio/video buttons are either not shown or disabled with a hint that this functionality is only supported on MacOS 13+.

Screenshots Provided if needed.

Details (please complete the following information):

  • Siskin Version: 7.3.3 (4)
  • iOS MacOS version: 11.7.10
  • iPhone Mac model: MacBook Pro M1

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